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What is Fantasy Cricket?

Amidst the wonderous sports that are popular globally, fantasy cricket apps have taken the digital sporting world by storm. In India, especially online fantasy cricket is a craze due to the unending love that Indian fans have for the sport. But the question is what exactly is the concept of fantasy cricket?

In layman’s terms, fantasy cricket is an online cricket gaming platform that allows participants to create virtual cricket teams consisting on 11 players based on the real players playing in the live matches. Thus, this is an extremely enticing platform for all die-hard cricketing fans who will never get the opportunity of experiencing the real-life on-field thrill.

For playing fantasy cricket games in India, the participants are required to have at least the basic knowledge of the game and the players. Unlike other fantasy games, here luck or probability doesn’t play any role. Rather based on the past performances of the players, physical fitness, run rates, wickets and playing style you need to create your own team. Further based on the performance of the real-life cricketers on the field, your fantasy cricket team gets the points. The more points your players secure, the more real time cash you can earn.

Develop your research skills and focus more on analyzing the live match before starting your game in daily fantasy cricket in India. Experience the thrill and keep winning unlimited cash prizes!

How to Play Daily Fantasy Cricket on 11Wickets?

11 wickets, one of the most popular fantasy cricket apps in India, provides seamless virtual gaming opportunity and enhanced sporting experience. To play and win successfully at 11 wickets, you need to have in depth knowledge about the game and players in order to make a winning team in our app.

To start playing daily fantasy cricket in India at 11 wickets, first make your team within a budget of minimum 100 credits. Follow these easy steps and enjoy the game.

Step 1: Chose the match from the dashboard

After you log into the app, select the most suitable type of cricket match from the displayed on-going public matches. If you want to create private contests, then click on the option and proceed for the same.

Step 2: Create your own fantasy cricket team

At the center of the match, you’ll find the “create tea” option. By selecting 11 players by making a combination from two participating teams of the live matches create your own team. Within a budget of 100 credits, you’ll be able to create the most suitable team that you’ll use for playing daily fantasy cricket in India.

Step 3: Create multiple teams and join your favorite contest

11 wickets give you the option of joining either free, cash, public or private contests. Feel free to select the suitable one as per your skills. Further, you’ve the option of forming up to 6 different teams for every match by clicking on the “create team” option. Do the needful and start winning cash prizes.

Step 4: Keep track of the live match

Start watching the live match. At 11 wickets, we offer live streaming of few selected matches which you can watch while you’re playing the game. Watching the real match along with the ongoing fantasy cricket game will help you to keep a track of your scoreboard.

Step 5: Withdraw the winning amounts

As soon as the live game ends, the fantasy cricket league also come to an end and the next step is to immediately check the scoreboard and calculate the winning amount. 11 wickets give you the option of immediately withdrawing the winning amount by providing relevant bank details on the app.

Why Should you choose 11Wickets for playing Fantasy Cricket in India?

11 wickets are one of the best fantasy cricket leagues app providing a comprehensive virtual platform for playing safe, simple and awarding fantasy cricket gameplays. Not only the app provides awesome fantasy cricket games but also offers, bonuses, registration cash prizes and several other rewards and surprise gifts to the users. If you’ve the passion and knowledge of cricket, then 11 wickets are the right place for you!

Here’s a few attractive factors that you might like considering while deciding to choose 11 wickets as you gaming app.

  • User-friendly interface for all types of mobile and electrical devices
  • Safe, reliable and secure fantasy gaming experience assured
  • Instant withdrawal facility
  • Quick KYC verification and high transparency
  • Options of referral bonus and surprise cash prizes
  • Updated scoreboards and live match streaming
  • Dedicated blogs highlighting the rules of fantasy cricket games

Advantages of playing Fantasy Cricket Games?

Cricket being an integral part and parcel of life, all fantasy cricket games apps are popular among the general Indian population. However, there’s many who still wonders about the benefits behind indulging in such online games. Passion for cricket combined with extensive knowledge and backed with cash prizes are enough reasons to trigger the desire for playing fantasy cricket in apps.

Some people get an adrenaline rush by playing online fantasy cricket. The love for challenges provokes the cricket lovers to start this type of game. However, if you’re still having double thoughts about the same, then here’s a list of benefits that will surely help you set your mind for the sports.

  • Playing fantasy cricket helps in broadening the knowledge about the game since the selectors are required to make extensive research before playing the game.
  • Ability to show your cricketing skills by creating teams and selecting the suitable players
  • High excitement and challenging game giving the brains a booster
  • Helps in improvement of decision-making ability in personal life
  • Makes you good in time management strategies and increases your risk-taking abilities
  • Reduces boredom of daily life and induces entertainment factor
  • Provides the opportunity of earning money while playing the game

What is the point system in fantasy cricket leagues on 11Wickets?

Knowing the points system for fantasy cricket is very essential as it involves the amount of winning money. Although you might beknowing that based on the past performances the selections of the players are done in this platform, however, the most crucial players are the captain and the vice-captain of your team.

Your captain is the sole player in the team who earns 2× points. The vice-captain of the team is the second highest earner. The Vice-captain earns 1.5× points for the performance reciprocal to the real-time game. Hence, an important online fantasy cricket tip is to be kept in mind.

So, take a note of the detailed statistics of the player, make correct pre-match analysis and have a look at the field conditions before you start playing fantasy cricket at 11 wickets. Remember, playing daily fantasy cricket in India can help you win fortunes. To know more about the points system at 11 wickets, check the link:

How to download 11wickets fantasy cricket app?

11 wickets are the perfectly designed app for the ardent cricket lovers. For those who are unable to satisfy their desires of playing on-field cricket, installing fantasy cricket apps are the best options that to some extent satiate their desire and takes them near to the reality.

For the benefit of the cricket playing fraternity, 11 wickets provide app (both android and iOS) and website versions suitable for all types of software. In order to download the 11wickets app, please follow the specific set of instructions:

Step 1: Visit to the official website of 11 on your desktop or from any mobile device that you’re using to get started with the app download process.

Step 2: In case you’re an android user, then click on “Download app” on the home page of the official website.

Step 3: You’ll be asked to provide a valid mobile number on the space above the “Download app” button. As soon as you provide the same a link will be sent as an SMS on your mobile number.

Step 4: Click on the link from your android phone and you’ll be redirected to the app page on your default browser. Download accordingly, register with your KYC details and start playing.

Step 5: The process is easier for the iOS users. Search for 11 wickets app in your App Store and download the app from the store by clicking on the “install” option.

How to win Fantasy Cricket Games on 11wickets?

To win unlimited cash prizes at, download the app and install the same. Select the most suitable match that interests you, research on the player statistics, select the contest that you want to join, choose your captain and vice-captain wisely and start playing the game. Further check out the fantasy cricket tips and tricks and win big cash amounts by indulging in the game at 11 wickets.

Fantasy Cricket tips and tricks

Earning unlimited cash by playing fantasy cricket games in India is easier now. You just need to follow these set of easy fantasy cricket tips.

  • Play selected matches that suits your knowledge and skill level
  • Conduct efficient amount of research before engaging in gameplay
  • Avoid entering into more than 2 matches at a time to keep your concentration in tact
  • Don’t put all your money into one single match, divide so that the amount of loss is less
  • Develop a proper contingency plan in case any player backs out or sudden changes occurs in the live match line up.
  • Check the past performances and the average rates of the players before deciding to choose them.
  • Focus majorly on selecting the all-rounders. The more all-rounders you’re able to gather in daily fantasy cricket, the better.
  • Try to think out of box while trying to make selection of the players
  • In case of international matches, give more importance to the home team players of the respective matches.

Play Fantasy cricket & win Daily Cash Prizes.

How good would it feel to be an owner of a cricket team? Sounds overwhelming isn’t it? Few years back this mere thought would have seemed unrealistic. However, the advent of online fantasy cricket in India has changed things. Now, you have the option and power of playing daily fantasy cricket by creating your own team and winning unlimited cash prizes in return.

The dream of managing your own team and selecting a band of players is now a reality! What makes this online gaming platform more interesting is the opportunity of huge cash earnings. However, merely selecting your favorite player will not fetch you luck in any fantasy cricket league app. In order to secure the winning scores, you’ll be required to make a detailed study of the players and their performances. Selecting the consistent players is the trick of the trade here.

To win daily cash prizes in this game, following a few fantasy cricket tips and tricks are important. Start your game by picking one or more wicket keepers first and then proceed to select at least 3 consistent batsmen and also pick up a few all-rounders and average bowlers for your team. Keep in mind the combination suggested! Focusing more on batting or bowling will not do any good. Rather you need to maintain balance in the same.

Also remember to chose the vice-captain and the captain wisely because they earn 1.5 and 2 times more points compared to the other players who will be playing for your team 11.

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