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The most popular skill-based cricket platforms to be introduced till date are the fantasy cricket apps where you can earn and make huge cash amounts while you play the game alongside the live matches. In the last decade, many fantasy cricket games app have cropped up in different parts of India. However, selecting the app is a crucial factor. When the question of smooth user interface, high security and instant withdrawal process comes to mind, 11 Wickets is the only fantasy cricket app that you can trust blindly.

Not only does it cover all the major leagues, but also provides plenty of opportunities for playing international matches as well. Unlike some of the new apps, 11 wickets is completely secure and trustable. Present in both android and iOS versions, this app can either be downloaded or played via the website login process. So whichever way you are comfortable, you can easily start your gameplay and win millions by playing fantasy cricket.

Download 11 wickets, create your own virtual team of 11, join the match, evaluate the real time match performance and start earning in lakhs. Real time statistical performances in fantasy cricket leagues app makes the winning process easier.

Play fantasy cricket on 11 wickets, the best fantasy cricket app in India

11 wickets is one of the most popular and preferred fantasy cricket leagues app and the following are the reasons that makes the app different from that of its competitors.

Good user-interface

11 wickets app is designed suitably to match the android, iOS and computer user interface. You can easily download the app with a one button click without much time and start playing after a hassle-free registration process. So, if you’re sitting idle and thinking of playing fantasy cricket, then 11 wickets is absolutely the right choice for you. Not only will you have a great gaming experience but it’s also the most user-friendly fantasy cricket games app.

Safety and security

Responsible gaming is the major feature of 11 wickets. Fantasy cricket leagues apps are uncountable in number now. But investing so much money in any random app can be a foolish thing to do. But with 11 wickets, you won’t face any such problem. We have designed the app keeping in mind all legalities of Indian law. Your money is thus safe with us!

Unlimited cash prizes

The best thing about using 11 wickets as your trusted fantasy app, is the opportunity of winning unlimited cash prizes. 11 wickets also provide referral bonuses, surprise gifts and other cash prizes every other day! So, even if you don’t win the game, however you’re entitled to get sufficient amount of cash prizes and won’t go away empty-handed.

Seamless customer service

At 11 wickets you can expect 24/7 customer service in case you’re facing any problem with the app or if you’re stuck in the middle of a game. 11 wickets app provides round the clock services by helping in registration, promotions, game rules and withdrawals and hence ranks pretty high among different other fantasy cricket games app.

Multiple tournaments

At 11 wickets we give you the option of joining multiple cricket contests. Small, big, national, international – personalized and customized range of matches are available at 11 wickets. Winning becomes easy since you can participate in any league of your choice. Moreover, offers and contests go on a daily basis in 11 wickets which makes things positive for the players.

Advantages of Playing Fantasy Cricket on Fantasy Cricket App

Unlike playing fantasy cricket through web applications, it is always easier to play fantasy cricket leagues in apps. You just need to open the app and start playing. Remembering passwords, getting hold of a laptop, issues with stable internet connection – all these will be a myth, if you start using fantasy cricket apps like 11 wickets.

Use your extensive cricket knowledge and skills and create a memorable journey at 11 wickets. Again, what’s more interesting is the fact that 11 wickets will help you get lots of money while you indulge in a journey of exciting match. Unlike the websites, fantasy cricket apps in India are more advantageous to the players because as this is more exciting than the websites.

Moreover, you can easily download the app and start the game anywhere, at anytime and under any situation. But with websites version this is not possible! So, what are the key benefits of playing fantasy cricket in apps? Here are a few:

  • It helps to improve the strategy of the players
  • Helps you win lots of cash prizes
  • You can withdraw your winning amounts quickly and instantly without any hassle
  • You can check out the live telecast of the match alongside playing the game

How to Download 11 wickets Fantasy Cricket App?

Downloading 11 wickets is easy and free. There is no downloading cost involved with the same and the app is available in different languages. Both android and iOS versions are available in order to attract the maximum number of users.

Step 1: Visit on any browser on your mobile for the mobile app version and click on the download app option.

Download Fantasy Cricket Gaming App

Step 2: You’ll be asked to provide your phone number in order to get the app. For iOS users, you can directly visit the app store and download the app by clicking on the install option.

Step 3: Install the game in your mobile by agreeing to all terms and conditions.

Step 4: You’ll get a shortcut of the app on the home screen of your mobile phone. Click on the same and start playing by registering.

Refer a Friend option in every Fantasy Cricket Leagues App

Not only 11 but also different other fantasy cricket apps in India provides the attractive option of refer a friend. Let’s say that you’re not able to earn money by playing the game. Don’t be disheartened, your participation in the game will be appreciated. Moreover, to attract a greater number of users, these apps use this technique which helps them to get more users to the app.

What is a referral bonus? This is common question which must be lingering in your head. Player often get confused between a referral bonus and registration bonus. Yes, you get money even if you register at 11 Well, that’s a different part! Coming to the referral bonus part, when you log into the 11 wickets app, you’ll definitely get a link that you can share with a friend or known acquaintance.

Once you refer 11 to any friend of yours and the friend downloads and registers at our app, then you’ll get the referral bonus. Fantasy cricket apps use this smart strategy to attract more and more registered users. This helps in increasing their user base.

How does “refer a friend” system works on 11 wickets?

Open the 11 app and go to the more option. There you’ll find the refer a friend option. Unlike many other fantasy cricket apps in India, at 11 wickets, you’ll find different offers under the “refer a friend” option.

Choose the most attractive offer and click on the option. You’ll receive either an invitation link or a code that you need to share with your friend.

In the next step, your friend will be required to download the 11 wickets app from the app store or using the above-mentioned process and use the invitation link or code. The moment your friend deposits and registers using the minimum amount of money as mentioned on the site, you’ll get the bonus prevailing at that time.

Now, you’re free to use the bonus to join contests, or you can redeem the same into your account. While the offer is attractive for both the parties, it also helps in creating a competitive environment. By indulging in this process, you can create your own circle of players where you can judge or compare your skills against the skills of your friends.

Whose has better cricketing knowledge? Refer your friends to 11 wickets and check out the secret cricketing knowledge!

11, the Best Fantasy Cricket App in India

11, the best fantasy cricket leagues app in India, offers all types of cricket tournaments in different languages suitable for both android and iOS mobile users. With the option of selecting the 12th man, 11 wickets, stands out in terms of gaming experience, security, privacy, customer support and withdrawal process among the other famous fantasy cricket apps.

As per the regulations of the Indian High court, 11 wickets is completely legal in India, apart from the states of Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Nagaland and Telangana. You’ll also get a detailed player performance statistics from 11 wickets. Playing online cricket on 11 wickets is easy. Just select the players and make your own dream team of 11 players. Also keep the 12th man in hand in case any of the 11 becomes a defaulter. Select your favorite contest and start playing the game.

Download 11 now and experience the gripping game of cricket right in your drawing room!