Fantasy cricket Tips and Tricks

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Fantasy cricket in India is not a vague concept anymore. The game has attended immense popularity and hence everyone is well aware of the rules, tips and tricks that are useful for winning money in this game. Since the game is completely online in nature hence, a few simple tricks here and there will definitely make you be a big-time winner in the race.

After you’ve created your own team from the pool of live cricketers, keep in mind a few simple fantasy cricket tips so that you can overcome all hurdles and make your team perform as good as the playing 11 on the fields. Just by being aware of these simple tricks you can win the leagues easily.

Fantasy Cricket Tips and Tricks for Pro Players

If you think mere guesswork can help you get millions from fantasy cricket, then you’re absolutely wrong. The game is not as simple as it looks. With good luck you can win small prizes like registration bonuses, referral bonuses and small winning amounts. But for the big amounts, you need to be a pro in the game!

Picking the 11 players for your dream team, has to be done professionally. Remember, each player you pick get points for you and the points depends on their live performance on the field. Hence, online fantasy cricket tips will help you get through the game. Here’s few that will help you get bounties in your pockets while you’re playing at 11

Research on past performance of players

What’s the past form of the player? Is the player able to perform in last few matches? These are the questions that should cross your mind once you think of picking a particular player for your team 11. Just because the cricketer is your favorite, or you like his style, doesn’t mean that he will a profitable addition to your team. Professionals who play daily fantasy cricket are aware that a fit player is an asset for the fantasy cricket teams. Unlike the live matches where if one player fails to perform the other can get the runs for the team, in fantasy cricket things are a bit different!

However, in fantasy team individual performance of each player matters more. Because each player gets the points that is required for you to win. Hence, fitness is the key to success in case of online cricket games.

Analysis of the climate and pitch conditions

Another important point that needs to be kept in mind while playing fantasy cricket in India is to definitely check the climate and the pitch reports. Let’s say, you’ve selected some of the best and most consistent players in your fantasy cricket team, however you end up losing the game. Why is it so? Because the pitch was dry, not suitable for taking sufficient runs. If such is the condition, then its not the fault of the player. Again, for a slow pitch a swing bowler will do wonders compared to the spinners.

So, depending on the pitch and the type of weather that’s prevailing during the live match the online cricket team should be selected. If you select the players who won’t be able to perform under such stressful situations, then it’s a loss at your end.

Choose the right captain and vice-captain

At 11, the captain of the team gets 2× and the vice-captain gets 1.5× points which is quiet high compared to the individual points secured by the other players playing in the league. So, if you manage to get the right captain and vice-captain for your team then definitely, you’ll be at a better position compared to your counterparts. This is undoubtedly a major fantasy cricket tip and trick which can keep you in a safer position in the game. Depending on your decision, you can get a lot of points in your bag and get hold of the winning amount at the earliest.

Selecting all types of players

By just selecting the good batsmen and bowlers, you’re certainly not going to win the fantasy cricket league. Hence a smart online fantasy cricket tip for you – select the top-order batsmen and the all rounders for your dream team. The all-rounders are generally the trump card of your game. Since these players are those talented bunch of cricketers who are able to play on any type of fields, with any type of pressure and score a lot for their team.

Let’s say your top-order batsmen fail to get enough runs in to their names. The spinners or the swingers don’t get the luck of getting any suitable wickets, then what will happen to your online cricket team? That’s where the all-rounders come into the picture. Reliable, dependable and definitely a keeper in the team!

Fantasy Cricket Tips and Tricks For Earning Money

At 11, earning money is not a difficult task. You need to choose the right type of match and contest that you want to enter and build your fantasy dream team exceptionally well in order to get more and more money in your account. The above-mentioned fantasy cricket tips are the general ones that will take your game up to the professional level. However, the following tricks, if kept in mind, will surely make you get loads and loads of cash in your bucket.

Next time when you play at 11, focus on these fantasy cricket tips and tricks. Try out and see the difference in your bank account balance soon!

Be ready to make last minute changes

Yes, this might sound a sudden and unpredictable move, but sometimes its necessary. You’ll find people suggesting you to make extensive research about player’s performance, fitness, pitch conditions etc. selecting the player. That’s absolutely the core strategy. But toss is equally a crucial factor. Decision of the team who wins the toss is crucial. Be ready to pick and drop certain players after the toss results are declared.

Keep updated news about the teams

If there’s any recent news or last-minute changes about the playing 11 in the live matches, then your strategy needs to be changed accordingly. You might think that a small piece of news doesn’t make sense. But a player’s performance can even be affected by a health issue in his family! Obviously, the mental condition of that particular player will be vulnerable and hence the performance might get affected because of the same. So, a small tip for playing daily fantasy cricket, keep your eyes and ears open all the time!

Opt for creating multiple teams

Don’t block your path with only one option. Keep plan A, B and C ready! At 11, you’ve the option of creating more than one team. So, why not use the opportunity? With more than one contest running, you can win in one, even if you lose in the other. Almost all apps, like 11 wickets gives you the option of creating multiple teams when you play the game. So, be smart and keep your options open.

Check out post-match presentations

Yes, a very unlikely tip, but is useful at times. If you’re participating in test matches, then it’s useful to have a look at the post match presentations of the previous day matches. There you will hear the players and the captain’s perspectives. You can understand the way they are thinking and strategies they are planning for the upcoming matches. That’s definitely a smart way to get the best players out of the lot in such cases.

How to win at 11

Although the same fantasy cricket tips and tricks are applicable even in case of 11 wickets, however here’s a short recap of the golden rules that you need to follow for earning loads of cash amount while playing at 11 wickets.

Tip1: Don’t ever pick your favorite player while playing at 11 wickets.

Tip2: Always conduct research before you even select the contest

Tip 3: Check out the fitness level of the players before making your dream team @ 11 wickets

Tip 4: Get hold of the all rounders and some good bowlers in the team. They won’t disappoint you

Tip 5: Keep yourself updated all the time with the changes happening in the cricketi8ng world

Tip 6: Don’t forget to select the 12th man. Might be a life-saver sometime

Tip 7: Check the recent form and the potential of the player

Tip 8: Keep a balanced team with all types of players to help you get out of any tricky situation while the live game is on

Tip 9: Be confident with your selected team members and be attentive while the live match is going o

Tip 10: Maintain high level of patience during the live match and don’t make any hasty changes to your team after the toss results are declared

Although the basic strategy of the game is to select 11 players and make a team that can get you points, however these set of fantasy cricket tips will help you to create the right team. A right team will play for you, get you points and fill you account with money!

Download 11, create your team and start playing!