Fantasy Cricket India

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Cricket being the most popular sports in India, it was quite unsurprising to see fantasy cricket apps becoming popular within no time. Within a decade, from the time of its origin, online fantasy cricket in India has become a rage among the millennials and non-millennials. Initially, the concept was introduced by ESPN sports in 2001 and later with the advent of the apps, the game became a household name.

Currently millions of people all across India are engaged in playing this fantasy game. The game is more popular in India because of the huge cash prizes and cash earnings that accompanies as the winnings for the match. With increased smartphone penetration rate fantasy cricket in India has become the most popular online gaming platform.

Millions of users, crores of cash prizes and unlimited gaming experience – around 60 fantasy cricket apps have cropped up over the last few years in India. Interestingly, there’s a lot of fantasy cricket sites that are in reality the official partners of IPL, ICC and other associations.

11 wickets is one such similar app which is very popular among the young Indian population for playing online fantasy cricket in India. With seamless customer service, attractive bonus, offers and winning prizes and unlimited teams, at 11 wickets you can get an enthralling experience of playing fantasy cricket. Along with live streaming of matches, the overall concept of fantasy cricket becomes heightened.

Fantasy Cricket in India

India is the nation where cricket is not a sport rather it’s a religion, an emotion and a personal part of every Indians life. With a million fanbase, playing daily fantasy cricket in India is a normal thing. Thus, the game has flourished unexpectedly in well in India. If you’re wondering about the success of this concept within Indian culture, then the answer is simple. There’s no passion greater than the passion for cricket when it comes to Indians.

Every other Indian is a cricket fanatic and is quite knowledgeable about the game. That’s the reason, this game has gained popularity a great speed. Checking out the Indian household shows that every other person in India is a cricket gyani! Ample knowledge of cricket and passion for the same makes every Indian a researcher in this field. As much research work possible, an Indian cricket fan will gladly engage in the same. The major success point behind fantasy sports is extensive research about the game, players and their performances. Since every Indian is apt in doing the same hence the game becomes easier and they love playing this type of game. Thus, these cricket gyanis have been able to earn points and become the eventual winner of fantasy cricket in India.

Future of Fantasy Cricket Apps in India

Previously a decade back when online cricket was introduced, the awareness about the game and the technicalities were very less, especially among the people living in the non-metro cities. The future for online fantasy cricket in India seems bright because of the continuous efforts being taken by the Indian cricket council to introduce interesting cricketing formats. High penetration of the smartphones within the Indian population and engagement in fascinating cricket tournaments. Winning in fantasy cricket is not a luck-based game, rather the same required lot of skills and research work. Thus, the format is going to succeed more in the coming days.

Is Playing Fantasy Cricket Legal in India?

Many people who are unaware of the complete technicalities of the game, find fantasy cricket to be similar to that of gambling and thus thinks it to be illegal. However, as per the high court ruling, playing online fantasy cricket in India is absolutely legal and ethical. However, it is essential to check the legal accreditations on the website of the apps before indulging in the gameplay. At 11 we provide sufficient data on the same and we assure that all gameplays this conducted on this platform are done by keeping adherence to the legal rules and policies thus provided by the government of India.

As per the ruling of the Indian High Court, fantasy cricket in India is considered as a game of skill rather than a game of prediction and probability. The Supreme Court of India has thus explained in its proceedings that to play fantasy cricket superior cricketing knowledge, extensive research, attention to details, concentration and high degree of experience on the cricketing field is required. Unlike gambling where the game is exclusively based on the prediction and guesswork, online cricket is not a similar concept. As per the ruling of the high court, the verdict is in favor of the online fantasy cricket because once a team is formed before the match starts, there’s no option of changing the team again. Hence, the game is not depended on the aspect’s predictability. Hence all apps operating these types of games and any website of online fantasy crickets are exempted from all provisions of Public Gambling Act, 1867 (PGA).

Keeping in mind the similar facts, the High court of India has set forth the ruling that playing online fantasy cricket in India should be considered to be legal. Despite this fact the game is still disallowed and banned by the individual state governments of a few states within India. In few states like Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Nagaland, and Sikkim, the game is completely banned and is considered to be illegal. In simple words, fantasy sports do not have a legal definition rather the legitimateness is determined by the fact whether the game is being considered as a game of skill or a game of chance.

For states considering this as a game of chance, online cricket is illegal in those states. As per the state government provisions in such states online cricket is more like gambling and doesn’t need any skill. Hence any player registering from these above-mentioned states might face legal issues in future.

Best Fantasy Cricket App in India

While searching for the best fantasy cricket app in India, you might come across many websites and apps of similar types presenting you with similar offers and same types of games. The basic rules of all apps and websites are pretty similar. However, it’s necessary to be sure about the authenticity and reliability before using the app.

11wickets is different from many other fantasy cricket apps. The major differentiating factor is the 12th man option and the unlimited cash prizes. You’ll also get personalized contests and sub contests at 11 wickets. Challenges and daily leagues have become a part and parcel of every player indulging in online cricket at 11 wickets.

With the next seasons of big matches coming forward, look up for all the popular fantasy cricket sites of India and check out the websites in details. The one that fits all your demands, will be the right choice for you.