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Frequently asked questions

1. What do you understand by Fantasy cricket?

In simple terms, Fantasy cricket is a virtual online game of cricket, where you get the amazing opportunity of building up a team of 11 players completely as per your own choice. By downloading the fantasy cricket app, you can easily create your own team by selecting players from the line-ups provided in the real match. You must also select a suitable captain and vice-captain for your fantasy cricket league.

Check out the past performances, toss results, physical fitness, weaknesses, and inabilities and make up your exclusive team. Good logic, expert thinking ability, extensive research – will make you an expert fantasy league player. As soon as the game live game begins, fantasy cricket leagues in apps starts simultaneously. In this platform, you’ll get points on the basis of the runs scored and wickets taken by your team members. So, if you’ve selected a non-performer in your team of 11, you may lose out on the points and eventually on the money.

Remember, an important fantasy cricket tip! No matter which team wins the live match, your points will depend completely on the individual performances of your selected players in the live match. Hence, the higher the performers score in the live matches, the better are your chances of winning unlimited cash prizes.

Users can play in any format they like – fantasy crickets or fantasy football leagues.

2. What is the popularity of Fantasy cricket in India?

Indians are completely fanatic about cricket. Cricket is in their soul. It's not only a game, rather its an emotion. The 2019 estimation of the fantasy game users in India showed a projection of around $5billion. Since it’s a mind game and gives Indians the opportunity of relieving their on-field glory, hence the majority of the young sports lovers prefer fantasy cricket in India. Moreover, the easy format of the game makes it highly popular and cricket lovers find it intriguing to use their cricket knowledge and insights to win unlimited rewards by playing daily fantasy cricket in India.

Here are some of the reasons why fantasy cricket has become popular in India.

Utilization of cricketing knowledge: For people with tremendous amount of knowledge in cricket, online fantasy cricket in India is the best platform to utilize the same. Starting from analyzing the past performances of the cricketers to checking of felid conditions – to win in fantasy cricket you need to be an expert with every minor details of the game.

24/7 enthralling matches: Fantasy cricket games in India provides the fans with thrilling and exciting matches 24/7. By registering in the app, the players start playing cricket whenever they like.

Grand cash prizes: Winning real cash by indulging in the game is the best part of fantasy cricket. You can play fantasy cricket in apps and win rewards, cash prizes, surprise gifts and bonus amount on daily basis. Easy-to-understand scoring system helps in getting huge amounts of cash into the bank accounts of the players.

3. How to play Fantasy sports and win real cash?

If you’re wondering the process by using which you can play fantasy cricket in app and win huge amounts of cash, then you’ll have to keep updated knowledge about the cricketing world. It’s a very easy process. Playing fantasy cricket in app like a pro doesn’t need any technical expertise. To set up your dream team just follow these simple steps:

  • Choose a match from the dashboard of the fantasy cricket app that interests you.
  • Make a background check on the players provided in the match line-up for two participating teams.
  • Conduct research about the pitch conditions and the weather conditions of the ongoing live match.
  • Select the good players and create a team of 11 players as per your desire from the line up given in the real match.
  • Select a good captain and vice-captain. Remember that the captain’s performance has double importance in comparison to the performance of the other players in the team.
  • Select at least 3 batsmen, 2 bowlers, 2 wicket-keepers and 2 all rounders based on the past performances and physical fitness.
  • Enter the contest by choosing the offers.
  • Follow the live match and track your progress

As soon as the live match is over and the winning team is declared, you’ll get to view the final ranking and winning amount on your dashboard. Your players will collect points based on the performances delivered by them on the felid. Hence, if your combined team scores the highest points, then you win the fantasy cricket league and is able to bag the big cash prize.

4. Is it safe to provide bank details on Fantasy sports apps?

Fantasy leagues in 11 wickets app are played on a completely safe platform. You can trust the payment methods 100%. When you enter the game, the websites will ask for your PAN and bank details. There are no reasons to get worried about the safety and authenticity of the 11 wickets app. You’ll be receiving a certain amount of joining bonus and referral bonuses as well, hence you need to provide the correct bank details on the portal. Moreover, at 11 wickets you can expect completely transparency in the process starting from the registration to withdrawal process. Hence there is no issues regarding the safety and reliability of the platform.

Note: Don’t save any card details including CVV and PAN details while making any kind of payment on 11 wickets app or in any other fantasy sports app.

5. Are Fantasy sports legal in India?

Online fantasy cricket in India is a safe, secure, and completely legal game. The playing procedure of fantasy sports doesn’t match with that of the provisions laid under the Public Gambling Act 1867. Hence, it is a “mere game of skill” and not a gambling act. Hence it is completely legitimate. Article 19 (1) of the Constitution of India has declared the same to be legal and safe. It is 100% legal in India.

Further, 11 wickets complied to all the central and state legislations as projected by the Indian high court while conducting any specific fantasy match in India. Hence, enjoy a hassle-free match at 11 wickets.

6. Are Fantasy sports banned in a few states of India?

Yes, due to some recent amendments in the Indian Gaming Act, playing fantasy cricket in India is banned in few states of India. Fantasy games are restricted in few states of India like Assam, Nagaland ,Odisha, Sikkim, Telangan, Andhra Pradesh and Arunachal Pradesh. Although the Indian Constitution has declared daily fantasy games as legal, however, the state governments of different states of India sets out the rules for the daily fantasy games. Hence, any person trying to register in these apps from the above-mentioned states will not be permitted as per the state government prohibitions. Thus, the interested players residing in any of these above-mentioned states of India, can register and start playing the game at their own risk. The gaming company or any other authority will not be responsible for the same.

Every fantasy sports app has put up a declaration regarding the same on their website to help the participants know their boundaries relating to provisions of online fantasy cricket in India. Please note that as per the updated laws, the infringement of the laws will lead to 6 months of imprisonment and 2 years of imprisonment for the repeated defaulters. Thus, it is advisable for the participants residing in these states to abide by the regulations before downloading fantasy sports apps and indulging in the online games.

7. Can I play Fantasy sports from all mobile devices?

Of course, you can. The beauty of online fantasy games is that you can play them anytime and at any place from any device – be it a smartphone, tablet, PC, or a laptop! All fantasy cricket apps are made keeping in mind the dual user-interface – Android and iOS platforms. All apps are designed to make them mobile user-friendly. For those who are ardent fans of cricket and are interested in playing fantasy cricket games in app, mobile versions are very useful. This has been specially designed keeping in mind the need of the interested players who doesn’t have the time to sit in front of the desktop or the laptops and engage in playing options. The HTML versions of the apps are fully adapted for mobile phones. By making them compatible with all types of devices, we’re trying to make the gaming experience seamless, smooth, and enjoyable.

8. How do the referral bonuses work?

Apart from the registration bonuses which the participants get when they sign up on the app, there’s also an option of referral bonus offered by every fantasy gaming portal. You can earn cash in daily fantasy cricket with attractive referral bonuses as well. The referral bonus is an easy earning option for all users of fantasy cricket apps in India. By referring friends or any other new users to install the app, the player is able to win minimum amounts of referral bonuses. As soon as you download the apps, most fantasy sports sites will highlight the referral bonus part where you can refer new players and get rich with a flash of seconds! You get a percentage of commission for promoting the site. This is smart marketing strategy undertaken by all apps. This is a two-way benefit. The player is able to collect cash by referring a friend and the site is able to generate a greater number of new users by offering this package. The bonus rates may vary from site to site.

Further the usage of the referral bonus amount may vary between different sites. For instance, while playing in any popular fantasy cricket site you may get the option of using 10% of the cash bonuses as entry fee while joining any contest that is taking place in the app. You will be provided with a special referral code which you need to use in order to avail the cash offer after you’ve been eligible for the referral bonus. The mode of payment may vary from Paytm, Amazon pay to direct bank transfers depending on the regulations set forth by the fantasy app management.

9. What are the different types of contests that I can join in 11wickets.com?

While playing daily fantasy cricket at 11wickets.com, you can easily join into either public or private contests. By just clicking on the “join” option you can join the selected contest that has been organized by the management of 11wickets.com. The public contests are the ones which are open to all registered users. You can easily check out the contests on the dashboard of your app and join accordingly.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a personalized gaming experience, then the private contests option is the right choice for you. Here, a registered user has the opportunity of creating his/her own contest with selected group of participants and pre-determined winning rates. To start the private contest, the creator will be required to share the unique code given by the management of 11 wickets.com along with the other participants.

11 wickets.com also offers the option of playing at cash contests. The rules here are similar to the rules of the public contest. A predefined entry amount is mentioned against the cash contests and the same is made public for all registered users to participate as per their free will. Once you make the payment and join the contest, the match will start at the scheduled time as soon as the contest seats fill. Now you can compete with other users of 11 wickets.com at any selected cash contest.

10. What are the unique features of 11Wickets?

For cricket-crazy people, 11wickets is the simplest, thrilling, and realistic fantasy sports platform which will give you the opportunity of winning huge amounts of cash and let you sharpen your gaming skills. The major mission of 11 wickets is to become the most trusted fantasy cricket games app in India by offering consistent quality games, improving the payment methods and also by introducing new types of bonuses every now and then. Unlike other fantasy apps, 11 wickets are a completely India based fantasy platform and projects itself as the all-desi platform. Moreover, the most unique feature of 11 wickets is the option of including a 12th man in the playing 11. Hence, if any one player selected by you for your fantasy cricket league plays to play in the live match, then you can replace the same with the selected 12th player as a backup.

Let’s jot down a few pointers that makes 11 wickets unique and stand out among the other’s in the crowd:

  • All device compatible gaming application
  • Use-friendly application that popular among all fantasy cricket players
  • Exclusive matches designed for the beginners
  • Free leagues offering prize money as well
  • Live streaming of the matches to keep fans glued to the app
  • Attractive registration fees and referral bonuses
  • Nail-biting cricket and football leagues
  • Opportunity of selecting an additional 12th man among your playing 11 team.
  • Pro tips on how to play fantasy games
  • 24/7 prompt customer support system
  • Quick KYC verification process and instant cash withdrawal process
1. What do you understand by fantasy football?

Unlike cricket, soccer or football is internationally more popular. Originating from the streets, you’ll find a Beckham or a Maradona in every corner of the world. Keeping the in mind, the concept of fantasy football has been introduced. 11 wickets.com is one of the best fantasy football apps in India that allows every crazy football lover to build up the virtual team of 11 players each.

Based on the performance, recent form, physical fitness and past history of goals, you need to select the players of both the teams. Picking up the right and talented group of players for your fantasy leagues will ensure that your fantasy football team scores high. Remember the major fantasy football tip – you can select the players who are playing in the real match only.

At 11 wickets.com with personalized online fantasy football leagues, every football fan can test their knowledge and skills against different other players by competing against each other. By drafting the fictional team, you can experience the thrill of being the unprecedented owner of a football team! The players that you’ve selected for your fantasy game will be awarded points based on the live performance of the players on the field. Thus, be very careful while you make your selection. An injured player is a loss for your fantasy leagues.

Follow the rules, look up for the tips and tricks, be calm and keep playing fantasy football in India by playing only at 11 wickets.com.

2. How do you play fantasy football?

If you’re playing the game in fantasy football apps for the first time, then download the 11 wickets app in your mobile, log into the same and start playing the game by following these steps.

  • Download an install the 11 wickets app in your mobile
  • Log in or sign up into your account and look for the fantasy leagues on the dashboard
  • Choose the updated football league which matches your skills and time
  • Opt between cash leagues or the practice contests as your skill level
  • Check the players line-up of the live match
  • Research on the players and choose the best team of 11 players out the on-field players
  • Each player chosen by you will be awarded with a few points
  • Submit your team and wait for the live match to start
  • Get points depending on the live performance of your players on the field
  • Keep streaming the live match on 11 wickets alongside your online fantasy football game.
  • Check your progress on the leaderboard present in your 11 wickets app.
  • Depending on the points that you accumulate during the match you’ll win the cash amount against the competitor players.

While making the team, remember the most important fantasy football tip. Don’t rely on selecting only the players who are your personal favorites! In order to get a winning team, you definitely need to keep 1 goal-keeper, maximum 3 forwards, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders one captain and a vice-captain as well. Maintaining an equally distributed and skilled team can help you get more and more points in your bucket. Remember, to win unlimited cash prizes at 11 wickets, you need to follow the tips rigorously.

3. What are the unique features of playing daily fantasy football on 11Wickets?

11 wickets.com creates one of the biggest platforms for playing fantasy football in India. Guaranteed entertainment, unique team creating options and attractive reward system ensured! However, if you’re having second thoughts about the same, then check out the small list that will help you decide in favor of playing fantasy leagues at 11 wickets.com:

  • We ensure trusted, safe and secure gaming environment for daily fantasy football leagues.
  • We provide attractive prize programs and exciting monthly tournaments.
  • You’ll get the option of referral bonus system with us.
  • Our fantasy football app is built to suit every user interface (android and iOS).
  • Knowledge enhancing blogs on fantasy games to help you increase your football knowledge
  • Separate cash tournaments and practice tests available for online fantasy football games
  • Real-time allocation of points ensuring the presence of a suitable fantasy football points system.

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For all of the daily fantasy cricket players, who are deprived of the joy of playing live games, our smooth online fantasy games will give you enormous thrill & fun. No delays, no interruptions – Just pure entertainment. Simply visit the best fantasy cricket site and download 11wickets app, register, and enjoy nerve-racking games!
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